Are your lures truly Handcrafted, CST?

I am glad you asked. CST lures are hand crafted, painted, and made from poplar wood. They begin as a design of a real bait fish that is transferred to a template, then a suitable piece of poplar wood is chosen. Next, the wood is roughly carved, shaped, and sanded to remove extra wood. A rough shape is formed, and more sanding and shaping is done to create the ideal shape for each series. Then, the hook and weights are inserted and covered. After that, the painting, shading, and texturing are done to make the lure look like a real bait fish. Once the paint job is done and approved, the lure is coated with clear coat five times, with drying in between, to make it durable and shiny. The PCB lip and hooks are added and the lure is ready to ship. It takes two weeks to produce a perfect CST Handmade Lure from start to finish. 

The Dome Craft series begins with a paper sketch, then the design is moved to wood and a mold is formed. Next, liquid silicone is poured and dried, and then the hand painting begins. It takes 5 days to make a CST Dome Craft from beginning to end.

We make our CST Landing nets by hand with the same quality standards as our lures, Perfect for Spinning and fly fishing. The net has oak and mahogany layers bonded with waterproof glue, all edges are smoothed by hand and coated with a UV oil to resist water and preserve the flawless finish and completed with a rubber net. It takes 7 days to produce one flawless CST Landing Net from beginning to end.